Am I the only person worried about Google Analytics’ Session Timeout being abused?

Google Analytics

So Google Analytics is updating itself and taking us all with it. Universal Analytics is now out of beta and the times, they are a-changing.

Unique visitors are now users. Visits are now Sessions. And the customisable session timeout clock means that you too can now manipulate your site settings to artificially inflate your web traffic.

Other people see this as a problem, right? It’s not just me?

Or maybe it is just me, but either way, I’m concerned. Continue reading

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Tumblr > Twitter – for TV at least

Slide from Pulsar study on Tumblr + TV

So there’s a load of articles all over the place this week about how a report that Tumblr released with an agency called Pulsar which says that Tumblr is the best social media channel for generating TV buzz.

Well, D’uh. Continue reading

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Engagement Vs Mean People – the everlasting struggle of the comment box

Typing on a keyboard - internet comments So the Guardian reporting today that the Chicago Sun Times was temporarily closing web comments, because they are all too often filled with a “morass of negativity, racism, hate speech and general trollish behaviors that detract from the content.”

Comments at CST are going on holiday for a while, likely to return with a new tan, a much younger boyfriend and a credit card groaning from exchange rate purchases.

And before I take this metaphor too far and end up accidentally insulting pretty much everyone, my point is thus: It’s all well and good saying that you will come up with a “new commenting system we hope will not only allow for free discussion, but encourage increased quality of commentary,” but no matter how much you put into it what you will have is still a commenting system – tarted up with extra security perhaps or some kind of ID authenticator (because we all know bullies only bully when they’re anonymous), or maybe even a limited userbase of known “nice” users (because limiting speech online has always worked well), but still, in the end, a COMMENTING system.

You know. For comments. Continue reading

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Digital things I love this week: guided meditation, holidays and inspiration

Headspace – 10 minute guided mediation site and app – because life is too damn stressful. I’ve only managed to do the first session so far and it almost put me asleep at my desk, but that’s relaxing, right? Right?

AirBnB – B&B and spare room booking site – and my love here is primarily reserved for their mobile app and for one reason: having now booked my travel I can check in and look at all the pretty pictures of places I will soon be in and that makes even the worse of days better.

News Re:wired – early bird tickets announced for the July 2013 conference. The News Re:wired conferences are always very useful and I get a lot out of them. So now I need to secure some budget so I and my wonderful minion can attend and steal be inspired by all of  the good ideas that the WSJ/the Grauniad/Dennis Publishing have put into practice. I do wish they had more of a B2B publishing focus but it’s useful all the same.

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HeartBleed explanation from XKCD

HeartBleed explanation from XKCD

Oh, so *that’s* what that was… Yet again XKCD makes more sense than the officially published explanation

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Kickstarter dreams – the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

The Mini printer in all it's glory

So things in my life have been manic recently, too many projects, lots of meetings out of the office, no time to sit and speculate on the future of the internet.

So imagine how thrilled I was to receive notification of a robotic printer that zips around like a miniature Roomba with an ink cartridge on the bottom.

Naturally I had to support the Kickstarter. I now cannot wait for January 2015 when I can take this into meetings and set it going on the the table. Ooooooh I could have it make a personalised business card right there in front of me. That’s going to be so cool!

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And so today I had a play with And I like it and would like to show you all the nice charts I put together, but annoyingly I cannot post the nice interactive graphic as am embed here (*angry growl* WordPress *angry growl*) without upgrading to the paid version. Which I will totally be advising my office to do, because one thing I really want to explore for my brands in 2014 is the value of data journalism.

And….. the static iframe embed didn’t work either. *sigh*

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My favourite April Fool so far…

It’s 3 minutes long and it’s totally worth watching…

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Finally Google+ implements something I can sell to my editors

Have you seen? Have you heard? Google+ has added a nifty little feature – a view count for profiles and pages!

Dan Barker, whose online knowledge and ability to find out things I bow down to, notes it up on G+ for all to see.

Dan's G+ page with the new views counter Continue reading

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Is anyone using the 4 image upload on Twitter?

The only account posting 4 images on Twitter is Twitter


Short answer, no. Or rather, not yet. The only one I could spot on my Twitter feed was the official account for Twitter in the UK.

Now admittedly this particular update was apparently only been rolled out to iPhone users, and only about 5 days ago, which led to me doing the delightful iOS app dance of deleting and re-downloading the official Twitter app as my updates have been misbehaving recently in order to test the damn thing.

And you know what, it works. Four pictures for every tweet. Continue reading

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