Microsoft creates a search comparison site to remind us all that Bing exists

Bing it on

Oh Microsoft. We see what you did there. Everyone sees what you did there. You’re trying so hard, and you know what they say about trying too hard…

You tried to make Bing a verb, just like Google, and you paid for an awful lot of product placement for your phones and surface tablets in big budget American TV shows. And all it did was make us wince.

And then you built this: Bing It On, to show us all how Google and Bing search engine results pages differ. You did this to try and make us all use Bing. But do you know what it’s made me do instead? It’s made me go, “huh, all that optimisation I do for Google to make sure the right content displays in the SERP pages doesn’t work on Bing. Wow, Bing sucks.”

And somehow I really don’t think that was your plan.  Continue reading

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That link to that old damaging news story about you? You can now make Google take it down

A Google SERP for a search on my name

The European Court of Justice has ruled that “An internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties” because, if I’m reading this correctly, a Google SERP for an individual’s name constitutes an overview of that person’s life, and if it includes damaging outdated information that breaches that person’s right to be forgotten, Google is responsible.

So if that picture up there of a Google search of my name included information about how I had done something damaging a decade ago, I could compel Google to take it down. In Europe, at least.  Continue reading

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Kickstarter dreams – iStick

The iStick kickstarter
Oh this I want, and I need, and oh look at that, I’ve supported the Kickstarter.

This is one of those things that when you see it just makes so much sense that you have no idea why someone hasn’t created one before.


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Kickstarter dreams – Trinity – The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Trinity - The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Now, I am *not* supporting this one because it’s already passed its goal and I am oh so very broke right now, but I love the idea anyway. A portable wind turbine for your phone and other USB powered devices.

We truly are living in the future.

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News reporting after the end of the world

Newsflesh triology

So I’m a big fan of my post apocalypse fiction, especially that which involves zombies. And I work in digital publishing and I’m always reading articles about where the digital newsroom is going next. So really it’s amazing to me that it’s taken me this long to read Mira Grant‘s Feed, a book about news and blogging after and during the (ongoing) zombie apocalypse.

If you haven’t read it you should turn your Kindle on right now and download it. The entire trilogy is under £15 and I read the first one (a not unhefty 500+ pages) in around 5 hours. I literally couldn’t put it down. It is that good.

But, the previous paragraph aside, this is not a book review post. No, this is a post looking at the way blogging has evolved in a world where the dead walk.

Continue reading

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Comixology destroy user experience by ending in-app buying because Amazon is cheap

Comixology logo and strapline

Or at least, that’s my take on it.

So I was lying in bed on Saturday night, checking my email and I see a note from Comixology – kill our old app, download the new one. Intrigued, I went into the old app – a full scale salt and burn over a simple download our update note being the kind of thing that makes me wonder about the online vulnerability of the payment information I have on my Comixology account. Heartbleed wasn’t that long ago, after all. Continue reading

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Am I the only person worried about Google Analytics’ Session Timeout being abused?

Google Analytics

So Google Analytics is updating itself and taking us all with it. Universal Analytics is now out of beta and the times, they are a-changing.

Unique visitors are now users. Visits are now Sessions. And the customisable session timeout clock means that you too can now manipulate your site settings to artificially inflate your web traffic.

Other people see this as a problem, right? It’s not just me?

Or maybe it is just me, but either way, I’m concerned. Continue reading

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