Is anyone using the 4 image upload on Twitter?

The only account posting 4 images on Twitter is Twitter


Short answer, no. Or rather, not yet. The only one I could spot on my Twitter feed was the official account for Twitter in the UK.

Now admittedly this particular update was apparently only been rolled out to iPhone users, and only about 5 days ago, which led to me doing the delightful iOS app dance of deleting and re-downloading the official Twitter app as my updates have been misbehaving recently in order to test the damn thing.

And you know what, it works. Four pictures for every tweet.

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

A tweet of mine with 4 pictures


Of course the question that goes with this is, so what? Is this just another sign that Twitter wants to be Facebook? Or that just gross over-simplification of a new bit of extra functionality?

(I mean who really thinks they’re going to get to *be* Facebook by *pretending to be* Facebook. The only brands who come close to competing with Facebook these days seem to be those sites that go their own way and don’t spend all their time telling themselves that imitation is the highest form of flattery)

Do we really need 4 picture uploads on our tweets? There’s only 140 characters to play with in a standard tweet -is that really enough to caption four separate pictures well?

I mean, it’s a great way to showcase a visit or event – see my trip to Hoxton’s premier retail service for the undead above – but in terms of day to day life will this really get that much use? Will that one picture of pretty clouds over Tower Bridge now be four very similar pictures of the same thing? Doesn’t that sound a bit dull?

Four pictures is four times as much bandwidth to upload and as you can only currently do this from an iPhone, it does seem like this might be yet another thing to eat your 3G allowance and push your phone bill up. Thanks Twitter, like my Tumblr addiction wasn’t enough of a problem for EE.

Four pictures for brands – does this mean we get the full police photograph style 4-shot (front, right, left and full length) for every new FMCG that comes out? (Bonus points to the first brand to do this with the product in question “holding” one of those chalk board thingies).

Four pictures but only one link to where they are on Twitter – what if I only want to reblog one of them? How do I do that?

I like the idea Twitter, I do. I can see why you would have thought it would work for your audience, consumer and corporate alike. But from a personal point of view, if you were going to steal functionality from another social media site, I’d really have preferred it if you’d gone with the Like button.

And I’m not even getting into the fact you can tag people in these new Twitter photos. I have enough trouble with that sh*t on Facebook which I use purely for social interactions. I use Twitter semi-professionally and I really don’t want people to tag me in a social photo on there…


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