Is LinkedIn intentionally spamming me?

Messages from Linkedin groups Seriously, no joke. Is LinkedIn trying to get all of its messages labelled as Spam and sent to the unsubscribe bin? Because that’s what’s going to happen if they don’t undo whatever they did and STOP SENDING ME A DOZEN EMAILS EVERY DAY AT THE SAME GODDAMN TIME. Ahem. I have spoken before about the value and worth of LinkedIn Groups and how I created them for some of my brands and did my best to boost the membership to the point where they’re pretty self sustaining. Part of running LinkedIn Groups is joining LinkedIn Groups and over the years that I’ve been a part of the largest professional social network out there I’ve joined quite a few. And when I joined I’ve generally left my mailing settings for those groups alone, not because I want a lot of notification alerts, but because it gives me a sense how often most standard members receive emails from my groups. There were a few that I reduced to weekly digests from daily digests, but mostly I let it be.

And it was okay because all these different group notifications would appear in my mailbox at different times of day on different days of the week, and so I never felt inundated, only informed.

But in the past few days something changed. And now all my LinkedIn group notifications turn up at exactly the same time, filling my inbox so much that the idea of reading them all seems like far too much fuss.

I Googled this, but either it’s just happening to me, or no one else cares or no one else in quite as many groups as me (which seems unlikely) because I can’t see any notification from LinkedIn about this change or complaints from other people.

And frankly there should be complaints, because this is not good email practice. It’s annoying and inconvenient and frankly it’s making me want to leave every group I can because if all they are going to do is spam me then what is the point?

Shame on you LinkedIn. As a social network I would have thought you’d do better.


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