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The search gospel: Part 1, on page elements

I have lost track of how many times journalists (and others, but especially journalists) bemoan the fact that no one can find their long form lovingly written really truly excellent feature content. To which my (apparently cynical) response is, “Well, … Continue reading

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Bye bye rel=author – Google removes authorship

So it’s been a while since I’ve written here. Not that there haven’t been things to write about but August was an incredibly busy month for me. Many many projects and not enough hours in the work day. But I … Continue reading

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That link to that old damaging news story about you? You can now make Google take it down

The European Court of Justice has ruled that “An internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties” because, if I’m reading this correctly, … Continue reading

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