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10 (possibly wrong and likely soon to be outdated) tips for email.

So I spent the past three weeks eating Icelandic fish, drinking Nordic beer and not going to bed at a sensible hour because the sun was still up. Initially I did entertain thoughts of updating this blog while on holiday … Continue reading

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Kickstarter dreams – Trinity – The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Now, I am *not* supporting this one because it’s already passed its goal and I am oh so very broke right now, but I love the idea anyway. A portable wind turbine for your phone and other USB powered devices. … Continue reading

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Are 70% of smartphone users in Europe really on Android?

Haymarket published some interesting smartphone stats over on their blog last week. I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out on the corporate blogs of my company’s competitors but I will admit this one caught my eye. Are nearly … Continue reading

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