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Is anyone using the 4 image upload on Twitter?

  Short answer, no. Or rather, not yet. The only one I could spot on my Twitter feed was the official account for Twitter in the UK. Now admittedly this particular update was apparently only been rolled out to iPhone users, … Continue reading

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Is LinkedIn intentionally spamming me?

Seriously, no joke. Is LinkedIn trying to get all of its messages labelled as Spam and sent to the unsubscribe bin? Because that’s what’s going to happen if they don’t undo whatever they did and STOP SENDING ME A DOZEN … Continue reading

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Are 70% of smartphone users in Europe really on Android?

Haymarket published some interesting smartphone stats over on their blog last week. I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out on the corporate blogs of my company’s competitors but I will admit this one caught my eye. Are nearly … Continue reading

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Kickstarter dreams – LapTape

Now this looks weird but I think it might be kinda genius. God knows my arms get tired when I’m trying to watch things on my iPad on the sofa. You know what? It’s £13 for one on Kickstarter. I’m … Continue reading

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Interviewly makes Reddit AMAs readable

Reddit scares me. There I’ve said it. It’s not the content, or the creepyness, or the fact that are entire subReddits dedicated to some really dark and disturbing stuff. No, it’s the appearance of the thing. I just can’t handle … Continue reading

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Kickstarter dreams – the Upstanding desk

So someone needs to tell me why I don’t need to have this in my life. Because I wants it. I wants it SO BADLY. I’m nearly six foot tall and I’ve had back issues ever since my primary mode … Continue reading

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Uses for Tumblr #2 – not just another social media site

Tumblr has yet to become quite as commercialised as some of the other social media platforms. About the only overly commercial posts I ever seen on Tumblr (all since Yahoo took over, boo hiss) have been for horror movies. But that’s … Continue reading

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