Kickstarter dreams – the Upstanding desk

The upstanding desk - image from Kickstarter

So someone needs to tell me why I don’t need to have this in my life. Because I wants it. I wants it SO BADLY.

I’m nearly six foot tall and I’ve had back issues ever since my primary mode of employment became sitting a desk all day and typing.

I’ve never tried a standing desk because looking like the office meerkat has never appealed. But I want to do more writing at home and this does look like an ideal solution.

Plus it has that IKEA/minimalist/I live in a really cool loft in the East Village look about it. And while I don’t live in a really cool loft in the East Village and I don’t think I’d even find an affordable one in East London anyway, I still wants it.

But they don’t ship to the UK. Anyone know a good London based fabrication shop that could knock this together for me if I kick $25 into the bucket for the plans?

Full details over on their Kickstarter

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