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News Rewired July 2014 – Storify collections

Every News Rewired I tweet like a crazy person and forget to make notes. So Storify is a wonderful tool for me to keep track of things that were said. Here are my Storify-ed, tweet-ed notes from yesterday: Trinity Mirror … Continue reading

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That link to that old damaging news story about you? You can now make Google take it down

The European Court of Justice has ruled that “An internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties” because, if I’m reading this correctly, … Continue reading

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News reporting after the end of the world

So I’m a big fan of my post apocalypse fiction, especially that which involves zombies. And I work in digital publishing and I’m always reading articles about where the digital newsroom is going next. So really it’s amazing to me … Continue reading

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Infogr.am and the art of the chart

And so today I had a play with infogr.am. And I like it and would like to show you all the nice charts I put together, but annoyingly I cannot post the nice interactive graphic as am embed here (*angry … Continue reading

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What LinkedIn did next

Back in my early days of my current job I used to run lunchtime digital training sessions and the first one I ever led was about LinkedIn. It was key, I thought. Here is a social media site full of … Continue reading

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