Interviewly makes Reddit AMAs readable

Reddit scares me. There I’ve said it. It’s not the content, or the creepyness, or the fact that are entire subReddits dedicated to some really dark and disturbing stuff.

No, it’s the appearance of the thing.

Reddit's homepage - 24/3/2014

I just can’t handle the stripped down, early 90s, dial-up internet look of it. And I get very confused when trying to read threads.

Maybe I’m just not down with the kids anymore but I really don’t see why this site and its design is so beloved by so many. I just want to run to Tumblr and enjoy big images and hide from the upvote/downvote vibe that Reddit has going on.

But there is one thing I like about Reddit and that is the Ask Me Anythings. It’s a fascinating mass-interview/interrogation approach to Q&As and I’ve read some really really good ones, though I’ll admit I general go for the famous people. Bill Murray. Barack Obama.

But man do I hate how hard they are to read.

So I was thrilled last week to learn about Interviewly, a new site that takes those content rich celebrity AMAs and makes them readable.

So if you’ll excuse me I’m off to read through their archive. I may be some time.

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