Finally Google+ implements something I can sell to my editors

Have you seen? Have you heard? Google+ has added a nifty little feature – a view count for profiles and pages!

Dan Barker, whose online knowledge and ability to find out things I bow down to, notes it up on G+ for all to see.

Dan's G+ page with the new views counter

Now this is good for several reasons:

1. Finally I can talk with authority about the “reach” of a G+ page

2. Finally I can benchmark my different G+ page against each other

3. Finally I can…. I dunno.

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of G+ and I mostly push my brands onto it in the hopes that it’ll have a positive effect on their presence in Google SERPs and add that elusive right hand box-out info that all the big brands have. But honestly, Twitter and LinkedIn often deliver more tangible benefits for my B2B publications.

But still, I want to see G+ succeed because I do like the UI and I am sure that it far more of an effect on search that Google has yet admitted. And now I have another way to measure and celebrate G+ brands, and sell in their importance to my editorial teams.

So that’s a very good thing in my book.

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