Digital things I love this week: guided meditation, holidays and inspiration

Headspace – 10 minute guided mediation site and app – because life is too damn stressful. I’ve only managed to do the first session so far and it almost put me asleep at my desk, but that’s relaxing, right? Right?

AirBnB – B&B and spare room booking site – and my love here is primarily reserved for their mobile app and for one reason: having now booked my travel I can check in and look at all the pretty pictures of places I will soon be in and that makes even the worse of days better.

News Re:wired – early bird tickets announced for the July 2013 conference. The News Re:wired conferences are always very useful and I get a lot out of them. So now I need to secure some budget so I and my wonderful minion can attend and steal be inspired by all of  the good ideas that the WSJ/the Grauniad/Dennis Publishing have put into practice. I do wish they had more of a B2B publishing focus but it’s useful all the same.

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