Tumblr > Twitter – for TV at least

Slide from Pulsar study on Tumblr + TV

So there’s a load of articles all over the place this week about how a report that Tumblr released with an agency called Pulsar which says that Tumblr is the best social media channel for generating TV buzz.

Well, D’uh.

I’m completely unsurprised by this, but then, as I’ve already written about previously, Tumblr is as full of fandom as it is of porn and a lot of that fandom is TV-based, which Tumblr and its embrace of the gif is ideally placed to take advantage of.

I’ve had a look around and I cannot see a link to the actual report so I have to assume all these sites are regurgitating a press release based on its findings. Which is a shame as I would really like to read the report, but never mind…

The key facts:

  • People might talk about a show *while it is on* on Twitter, but they talk about it after it has aired on Tumblr. And then they keep talking about it because Tumblr, as I’ve said before, is where the fans are.
  • And not only do people talk on Tumblr, they create – gifs, fanfic, fanart, meta – all of these things add to the social conversation about a show and most of these things would be pretty hard to express in 140 characters or less so no wonder Tumblr beats Twitter in this regard.
  • The report is based off of 11 days of tracking Sherlock, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and Sleepy Hollow. And, randomly, Malcolm in the Middle (!). About the only thing I’m surprised by here is that they didn’t include Doctor Who, which is the other third (with Sherlock and Supernatural) of the all encompassing fan movement of SuperWhoLock.
  • It’s a British report, which seems off as all but 1 of the above shows are American. And it’s not clear if the air dates of the shows specified refers to the American airdates or the UK ones. If the former, then the report really should cover the downloading/streaming reality for people to see not yet aired in the UK shows (which might account for the delay in tumblr conversation versus live air time), if the later then how did they segregate the data by country?

All the same I’m happy to see that Tumblr is being taken seriously as a social audience by someone, even if that means there will probably be a lot more sponsored posts for TV shows showing up on my dash as a result.

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