12 things I have learned in 12 years of working on websites

Because lists are just so hot right now…

  1. “One tiny change” is anything but.
  2. Anyone who claims to know exactly what the Google search algorithm is and who has never worked at Google is either lying or delusional.
  3. Wikipedia can be incredibly awkwardly badly wrong – but it won’t let you fix it if you’re the primary source.
  4. You never go wrong keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date.
  5. Facebook privacy settings should be checked every three months – just in case.
  6. No one should ever say “can you make it pop more” unless they are talking about Rice Krispies.
  7. Wikipedia, TV Tropes, the Oatmeal and IMDB are sinkholes of time that you will never get back.
  8. The promise that “this time I will update my blog everyday” is broken more often than New Year’s Resolutions.
  9. If you don’t call it something sensible don’t expect search engines to find it.
  10. Grammar jokes never get old.
  11. If it exists, there is a Youtube parody of it.
  12. Lists make surprising easy blog posts.
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