Newsroom 3.1, #bbcgofigure, some truly scary Facebook facts and the value of Flappy Bird – things I learned at #NewsRW

News Rewired

So I spent today at the News Rewired conference in the Microsoft building at Victoria. As ever there were loads of nifty bits of data to plough through, the usual bread-based lunch, a goody bag with jelly beans (eaten by the end of the first session) and the familiar envy over just how swanky the office looks.

Sadly I don’t work in mainstream news or consumer publishing, so often many of the tips aren’t the kind of thing I can put in place for my brands. That being said, knowledge is power, and here are some of the bits that will be influencing some of my strategic choices in terms of digital publishing.

1. When Trinity Mirror reorganised their news teams into Newsroom 3.1 they increased traffic phenomenally – 70% in one week! Actions included having non-journalist support staff advising on analytics, 4 deadlines each day based around usage stats, hiring very specific specialists and making the whole thing digital first. Storify notes

2. Almost all the traffic growth on BBC news in the past 3 years has been mobile and tablet growth – mobile and tablet traffic now makes up half of all traffic. Storify notes

3. The Beeb have also started creating static news banners with key facts in them (x number of ice cubes in the Arctic) to highlight news stories on social media. Such a simple idea but it looks to work really well. Storify notes

4. Data journalism continues to grow but the presentation of it must be something that can be explained in an elevator pitch and something that can work on mobile. Storify notes

5. There are journalist insights that can be gained from Flappy Bird.

6. Facebook still haven’t fixed it so users can post only to their followers. Get on this Facebook, it’s a massive oversight. Storify notes

7. Facebook Graph Search continues to be both interesting and a potential stalker’s best friend. Storify notes

8. Facebook still posts massive user stats – 26m daily active users in the UK, 22m of which are on mobile. The average mobile user checks Facebook 14 times a day. All this pales in comparison to the top line stat – Facebook has 1.3 billion monthly active users. Wow. Storify notes

9. Crowd funding is getting bigger and bigger. NL news site De Correspondent was launched with it, as well as an investigative journalism book on the death of a NI politician. Storify notes

10. “SEO and poetry don’t go together” – David Ho. Now if only I can get my news teams to see that.

I’ll Storify all my tweets (and any other interesting ones) for the whole day when I’m back at my desk tomorrow.  Storify notes now added – read them all.

Now I’m off to eat my free bag of Lemon Sherbet popcorn. Yum.

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