A defence of my hotmail email address

So I read 10 reasons why I ignored your CV this morning.

And some of it I agree with – everyone should have professional information returned by a Google Search and not just drunken Facebook pics. And please, please use spell check and read the damn thing backwards one word at a time just in case.

But the whole ” I will reject your application if you have a Hotmail email address” on there? Well, that’s just dandy.

Never mind I’ve been on Hotmail for 16 years. Never mind it’s the only email address which I’ve had throughout 7 jobs and 2 university degrees. Never mind that I have an alternative @outlook.com address on there I now use for professional purposes.

You see Hotmail and that makes me less of a digital expert? I see Hotmail and I know I’ve been around online for a decade and a half and I had the sense at the beginning to call myself something sensible and not “fluffy_bunny69” or some such bullshit.

You don’t want my CV? Well, you just pretty much guaranteed that I won’t ever be sending it to you.

Marketing is all about the future is it? Have you never heard that quote about those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it? What a short sighted futurist view.

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