Samsung create a LinkedIn app that actually seems useful

LinkedIn App with SamsungSo this is a new one on me. I’ve seen dozens, no hundreds, maybe even thousands of Facebook apps, and Twitter add-ons; little widgets that want to log in and promise to never ever use my data in a way I would never suspect it could be used unless I read the 40 page long terms and conditions disclaimer in tiny font that little box over there. Dozens of hundreds of thousands of apps for Facebook and Twitter.

But never one for LinkedIn.

And today that changed. Samsung Galaxy NotePro turned up in my LinkedIn feed, asking me how do I match up to the industry leaders in my employment sector. And, you know what, I clicked it.It took me to, so this is obviously something that has been built with LinkedIn’s permission and, after I logged in, it showed me this:

My page on how do you match up by Samsung and Linkedin

Now this is interesting on several levels, because while LinkedIn has encouraged me to see how I rank against people in my current company or against the whole of my contact list, a piece of data that seems to primarily exist to alert my boss to see if/when I’m job hunting, they’ve never given me the opportunity to see how I rank industry wide before.

So it’s interesting. A benchmarking activity of sorts. I mean, it obviously been done to sell tablets and gather data but all the same, this is information that could be of use to me

And so if I want to be a leader in the field of communications I guess I’m going to have to learn another language beyond my barely remembered senior school French.

I wonder if they’ll accept html?

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